www.hotelawayou.com     Front 24h/24..

www.hotelawayou.com    Wifi connection.

www.hotelawayou.com    Shower with hot water.

www.hotelawayou.com   Moroccan cooking classes on request

www.hotelawayou.com   Restaurant.

www.hotelawayou.com    Free parking is available on site.

 www.hotelawayou.com    Vehicles and motorcycles are safely in five large enclosed garages.

 www.hotelawayou.com    Hiking, excursions and circuit 4 × 4 back mules, camels and donkeys, Quad to the valleys, mountains, oases and sand dunes of southern Morocco great. On request.

www.hotelawayou.com    Car rental hotel awayou on request.

www.hotelawayou.com    Languages​​: French, English.